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A 12 Step program for Freebie Addicts :-)

Posted by abyscraps on May 22, 2008

Yesterday I found a very funny blog post that is a 12 step program for freebie addicts. (Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not belittling any real 12 step programs, but we ARE addicted to freebies, aren’t we?) This post is at Sindiego’s Blog and if you’d like to enjoy it, go here. It certainly had me laughing and wondering if she has been watching me or what!

I don’t have any freebie for you today and not likely for tomorrow either. I hope to have something at least once a week and I’ll try to have it ready for Fridays if I can. No promises until I get into a routine. I also know that I won’t blog every day either, but I will try to do so more than once a week 🙂 … maybe even show a LO now and then!

Today I am busy trying to clear out, clean up and organize my computer room as I am expecting my new computer to arrive today. I’m excited! It will have a wide screen flat monitor! And hopefully be a screamin’ machine, LOL! I just dread re-installing all the programs and filters and such.

It’s been raining here every day for days it seems and the forecast for tomorrow is rain and/or cloudy. I sure hope the weekend has some good weather. Have a good Memorial Day weekend, everyone!

One Response to “A 12 Step program for Freebie Addicts :-)”

  1. Stacey said

    Oh I’ll need to hop over and read that–I JUST yesterday deleted ALL my freebies thinking that’d fix my computer issues. Sigh. It did not. So now I’ve lost all my fun freebies AND my computer is locking up on me. I’ll be coveting your new computer for awhile.

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