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Popsicle Paradise

Posted by abyscraps on June 1, 2008

OK, the Popsicle Paradise blog train has pulled in to the station!

abyscraps Popsicle Paradise papers

abyscraps Popsicle Paradise elements

First, above are the previews and here are the download links for my part of the Popsicle Paradise mega kit:
download papers and
download elements
This mega kit is brought to you by some of the ADS designers, a group of aspiring digi-scrap designers, some very new like me, and some more seasoned and familiar if you haunt various websites and blogs. Links for many of them can be found in the right-hand column of my blog, and links for all Popsicle Paradise downloads are at the end of this post.
Our palette for the kit is one of sunny, bright popsicle colors. This mega-kit should be great for scrapping any summer photos and lots more. Part of my own contributions came about by thinking of popsicles and how I as a kid I could never eat them fast enough to prevent them from dripping all over me and my surroundings. šŸ™‚ Hence the drippy borders, drip splats, handprints and footprints.
Here is the list of the entire blog train ….
Chantal – sorry, this link is not working right now, I will repost the info as soon as it is corrected!
Crystal – Yes, 2 different Crystals

Enjoy and happy scrapping!


12 Responses to “Popsicle Paradise”

  1. Anne said

    Your part is gorgeous hun. Thanks so much!

  2. Thanks so much for your part in this great kit.

  3. TY so very much!!!!!!

  4. bygodsdesign said

    Thank you Sheila! Great job!

  5. Jenny said

    Thanks for sharing your work, can’t wait to use this kit although being on dial up it’s taking me hours upon hours to download everyones work…LOL.

  6. Betty said

    Thank you very much for sharing your lovely designs!!

  7. crazyscrapwitch said

    i am so glad, finally i am success full in searching kids layouts hard to find …. thank you so much

  8. makeyesup said

    Wonderful job, thanks, love the borders, hand and foot prints.

  9. Julie P said

    wonderful kit! šŸ™‚
    thank you!

  10. andrianmichael said

    Hi there, just wanted to say THANK YOU for your part of the Popsicle kit hon, tis beautiful indeed..usually leave comments on 4shared but since it has changed i can’t seem to find where the comment part is???Grrr tis hard when they change it..LOL..but once again a huge thanks for the kit n hugz from oz

  11. Bunny said

    thanks for taking the time to say “thanks” the other day on my blog. Ir means a lot!!!

    thank you!!!

    oh ps..
    love the colors of that kit!!!

  12. LauraJoe said

    These are lovely! Thanks for sharing!

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