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A New Freebie for You

Posted by abyscraps on September 9, 2008

August was somehow a very busy month for me so I did not take part in the ADS Designer’s Collab megakit. Well, OK, I made a couple of papers for it, but I have to package them up before I can give them away to you folks out there, so hopefully in a couple of days I will post them. In the meanwhile, I hope that everyone got on the blog train and collected all the goodies to Cornucopia of Colors. If not, here is the first blog in the list, Aisne’s blog, and you can follow on from there.

So, over Labor Day weekend I made a mini add-on kit. It’s an add-on to Pillowgirl’s Tropical Punch kit found at My Scrap Shop.

Pillowgirls Tropical Punch kit

Pillowgirl's Tropical Punch kit

Here is my freebie add-on kit:

abyscraps Tropical Punch add-on mini kit

abyscraps Tropical Punch add-on mini kit

This mini kit contains:

  • 1 floral paper
  • 1 swirl pattern paper in 5 colors/textures
  • 3 flowers
  • 1 leaf
  • 1 luggage tag
  • 1 round frame in 4 colors
  • 1 cluster frame

Download here.

Enjoy, folks, and I really will be back to this blog before another month passes!


4 Responses to “A New Freebie for You”

  1. nicole said

    this is so cute

  2. Laura Kelly said

    I’m totally new to this. I followed a link to this beautiful little kit but there does not seem to be a link to download it. I love all the pieces and would love having it since you have been generouse enough to share it. Could you please let me know how to download it? Thanks in advance!

  3. Bean said

    Beautiful work. It is so fun and festive!

  4. Kathy said

    Some folks get here awefully late – guess that’s me. Thanks for the add-on!

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